Designer Crush

I have to admit something–I have a design crush on Amy Butler! Years ago I discovered Amy Butler and absolutely love her design style, so I’m sure it will reflect in my designs somewhat (or so I hope!) I gathered a group of some of my favorites from her Pinterest boards. You can find these images, and many more, on Amy’s Pinterest


I think one of the things that  I admire about Amy Butler is not only her wonderful talent, but also how she seems as a person. Last year I watched an interview with her on Smart Creative Women and I walked away feeling so inspired, my confidence in myself restored. It’s a great and amazing thing to be able to do that. I think whenever it’s at the soul of the person, they don’t have to try, it just resonates from them because it’s something within them. I’ve obviously never met Amy Butler, but I would absolutely love to! From what I can tell, she’s an incredible woman and I hope to inspire others the way she has inspired me.

Until next time…


P.S. Get even more inspiration from her FREE online magazine! Blossom Magazine

2 Comments on “Designer Crush

  1. I LOVE Amy Butler! So pretty! I love the color she mixes and the classic yet modern patters.

    • I know she’s so skilled! I strive to capture how classic her patterns are yet modern, and of course dominate color the way she does! 😉

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