Creating My Brands Story

Story – An account of imaginary or real people and events told for entertainment.

When I think about it, this seems like one of the most common sense things I should be doing. I’m a dreamer (obviously) so over the years I’ve written many short stories, or partial ones as ideas come to mind and I love reading, movies and t.v. shows – essentially I love a good story – who doesn’t though?

The past couple of months I’ve really been thinking about what I want my brand to be – what I want it to feel like, and how it can reflect my style and yet I haven’t thought about it in a way as telling a story. Below is a brand mood board that I created a little while back. I love the combination of the antique/vintage elements with the fresh and modern color palettes. One thing that’s on my mood board that I haven’t figured out is how I’m going to incorporate are the quirky elements. I’m getting off track though.

Zeryndipity Brand Mood Board

Zeryndipity Brand Mood Board

I’m at such an infancy stage with my business that it’s hard to remind myself that I don’t have to have it all done today – even though it’s hard to pace myself once I get an idea. Sometimes it’s frustrating having all these ideas in my head and not quite able to express what my brand is the way I would like to. I know it takes time, and a bit of patience 😉

On my quest of establishing my brand, I’m trying to take in and learn as much as I can and picking up any tips that I can to help me out. So about a month ago I watched a video of a lecture that Amy Butler gave about “Creating Your Unique Color Story” and today I watched a video lecture by David Butler called “Homemade Lifestyle Photography”; both are from the QuiltCon Lecture Series 2013. Although the two lectures were covering different topics, they both talked about expressing a story.

Today really got my mind reeling. I love lifestyle photography, but at this point it’s been a bit hard because I’m on such a small scale. I think in the coming months I’m really going to push setting up some lifestyle photo shoots so I can express the stories I have in mind for each collection, all while being done in a way that creates an overall story for my brand. Below has been what I’ve began doing for my “lifestyle” product photos because I can buy a stock image and place my product in it using Photoshop.

"Lifestyle" Product Photo

“Lifestyle” Product Photo

David Butler spoke a lot about combining several images to create a story and capture the essence of the brand. That not every photo necessarily needs show off the product if it catches the feeling you’re going after. David’s lecture made me feel comfortable that it doesn’t matter how small my business is, I can capture images just as beautiful as the one’s he takes for Amy Butler’s brand. (I told you I had a designer crush).

Until next time…


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