Am I the Next Big Thing?

Lilla Rogers Studio is on the lookout for new talent and has launched a GLOBAL TALENT SEARCH to find the next big thing.

The winner will be REPRESENTED BY LILLA ROGERS STUDIO FOR TWO YEARS INTERNATIONALLY. This would be a turning point in your career.

Somebody has to win, and it might just be you!

Big words stated in that small paragraph. So much hope and excitement, and you ask yourself “Am I the next big thing?” followed by a “I sure hope I am!”. I know each of us who have entered hope with all our being that we’ll make it through round one, and wanting to believe that “I” am the one who will win it. Odds aren’t in our favor given that there’s one winner and probably thousands who have entered the competition, but how do you believe in yourself and yet not set yourself up to be utterly crushed if not chosen? I’d say it’s hard. I’m super proud of the piece I created for round one, a journal cover designed for Paperchase – my interpretation of the design brief outlining a playground theme, but is it enough? There are some crazy talented individuals in this world – I’ve seen an abundance of talent in my different courses I’ve taken lately for surface pattern design, but am I not one of those crazy talented individuals as well? I’d like to think so.

I submitted my piece yesterday, and I don’t know that I’ve ever been so anxious/excited/nervous in my whole life. I WANT THIS! Before I began this design brief I prayed…and prayed some more that I would create some of my best work. That I would let my light shine through, displaying my artistic ability and my design aesthetic (something that’s hard to do when you feel you’ve been trying to discover it still!), I prayed God would help me use my gifts to the best of my ability – and that’s all I could really do – do my best and forget the rest (that may be a P90X reference lol)

So here’s what I created for the challenge:




This piece is definitely a mixed media design. I began with a painting that took many many layers as I built up the interest and the swirl effect I was going for. I tried to capture the wild abandon and freeness that I felt as a kid. I loved the merry-go-round (and still do!), I loved the speed of it and how all the colors would blend and blur together, it was a complete adrenaline rush! Of course, there was always the few moments of feeling like you were going to fall over once you got off – but isn’t that how life feels sometimes? That you go ’round and ’round? I thought it seemed fitting for a journal as well, as a place where you write your thoughts and allow your mind to circle a topic until you come to a conclusion.

After I finished the painting, I photographed it and brought it to photoshop, playing with the levels and colors just a touch. I then began an illustration of the girl, which was completed with pen and ink and prism colors (she didn’t stay looking that way in the final piece obviously!) I wanted her to appear as though she leaning over the rail, taking in the speed and swirling colors around her, creating the feeling that she was spinning.

How the girl was originally drawn.

How the girl was originally drawn.

After I finished the illustration I scanned it and brought it to photoshop, took out the background and combined it with the painting I created for the background. I wasn’t really happy with how it was looking at this point – I knew it wasn’t something I would buy and it felt too….kiddish? Not sure if that’s the right word, regardless, I didn’t like it completely. I began playing with the different effects, overlay, color burn, etc. until I landed on one that gave me the look that felt right. At this point I was really happy with the progression the piece was making, but I’ve learned that I gravitate towards designs with layers and that give my eye a lot to discover so I knew I wasn’t finished.

I left the piece overnight while I let my mind mull over it, and sometime while I was asleep the answer came to me because I woke up the next morning knowing that I wanted to add some flowers that were just line art. The entire time I had been envisioning this piece I had been thinking of a beautiful spring/summer day outside and I always seem to design for girls, so flowers seemed appropriate. I wanted them to be a little unexpected though so I did a combination of purple and white, providing some needed contrast to the piece.

Then the word journal…..this was tough, it was a required element. I felt the word needed to be incorporated into the piece, not just stuck on top of it like it was a last minute thought (even if it kind of was). I decided that everything else was spinning….so why not the word journal too? I drew myself a grid on a different layer and drew the word using my wacom tablet. I went back in with the smudge tool and gave a few pushes and wa-lah! The final element to the piece was done!

I believe I have a very good shot at making it into the top 50 (I think anyone who entered should feel that way!), however, I’m trying to brace myself incase it doesn’t happen. We all hear no’s on the journey up, so if I get a no, I will just have to keep working on my style and my brand and continue putting myself out there – it’s apparently the only way to be seen after all. And now we wait until Aug. 1st.

So to all those who entered alongside me, good luck!…but you’re going down!!! 😉 lol

Until next time…





4 Comments on “Am I the Next Big Thing?

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  2. i like it alot! i loved that go round thing, too. great motion & emotion here; watercolor and hand-crafted. keep going w/ ur style n work 🙂

    • Thank you Gina! This was actually done with acrylic paint for the background, although I wish I was good with watercolors! Did you enter this contest?

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