How do you find your home decor style?

I think many of us struggle with this. We look at Pinterest and see homes on HGTV, ooo’ing and ah’ing over all the beautiful rooms, but then we go shopping for our own home and it seems it just doesn’t come together quite right. I mean, most of us aren’t interior decorators (even if we have a secret wish to be one!) We do however want our house to look like an interior decorator designed it.

Home is our escape from the everyday, to enjoy who we are and who we share our life with. It’s where we raise our families, and have friends over to entertain, a place to live our lives!

So, if you’re not a designer, how do you create a space that you love? I’m going to start by asking that you think of the feeling you want to create within your home, what single emotion do you want the space to have? Do you want to feel comfortable, or in love, sexy maybe? Maybe you want to feel trendy, or just free to express yourself openly. Choose an emotion for the room you’re decorating before you begin.

Next, evaluate what you already have in your home that you LOVE. If you were told you were moving and could only take what you absolutely love, what would those items be? Make notes about what you love about each piece. Is it the old world feel with the flourishes? Or is it clean and modern? Is it bright with global influences? Write down what you LOVE about each item. What colors do you love that are already in your home? Notice I say LOVE a lot? Yes, you must LOVE it! I’m not however telling you to throw out everything else, to goal is to expand on what you LOVE. (Getting rid of certain things it totally up to you of course!)

Once you’ve completed your own home evaluation, look to your Pinterest boards (I know most of you have them!) If you don’t, pull images from online or from magazines of rooms that you are drawn to. Throw out practicality! Simply choose what draws you in, pulling every image that speaks to you. Once you’ve gotten a good amount, go back through and edit, deleting/throwing out the one’s you don’t absolutely love (yes I love the word absolutely!) Again, go through the same process you did with the items in your home. Write down what it is about each room that you love. Is it the paint color on the walls, the shabby chic furniture, or maybe it has an industrial feel to it? Is it the color palette? Maybe it’s the emotion you feel when you look at the room. Be as specific as you can!

Look at everything you’ve written down and start to notice the recurring themes that you’re drawn to. Focus on those elements when you go shopping for your home. If you’re clear about certain elements it will help you be more focused.

Then look to magazines or Pinterest to see how you like things grouped together. Do you like bold pieces that stand alone, or do you like groupings of pieces? When creating a grouping focus on 3-5 pieces in varying heights and size.

I hope this helps you to get started, and please let me know if I can help!

Here’s a few of my “Dream Spaces” that I LOVE. You can see the sources and my full board here: Dream Spaces

I have been working daily at developing the signature look for Zeryndipity and will be focusing on homewares beginning in spring. If you’re interested in keeping up with how Zeryndipity is progressing, please sign up to follow my blog and/or join me over on Facebook at

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