Yes, I almost forgot…

I have to be completely honest, I almost forgot to write today AND I did forget last week because I was the sickest I have been in 4 years! Plus I had a deadline to meet for A Fresh Bunch, which was brutal considering how I felt. It hit me last Monday and I’m still not completely over it, but work must go on!

There are some exciting things happening within A Fresh Bunch (AFB) and I’m super excited to be a part of it. I am however having to learn how to balance my time between my current day job and getting into the swing of things with AFB, while still keeping time open for my husband and my friends (my family is back in OK so I only get to talk to them these days). 

So, my task for this week- taking my own advice from last year and getting organized with my lists and breaking things down into timelines. I tried the organic approach the last month and I must say that is not for me. I have to set a much more strict schedule or things slip through the cracks, and well, that just can’t happen. 

I know today isn’t my best post – I’ll get better. I have a lot in store for everyone, I’m really excited to be diving further into trend research and forecasting because I think it’s such an interesting topic. Most of us buy what’s on trend, whether we realize it or not. Quite fascinating. Any who, that’s it for tonight. 

Coming up next week – trends.

Until next time…



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