Excuses, Excuses

I’m embarrassed at my myself for saying I was going to begin posting every Tuesday and then…..didn’t. My mom gets onto me and states she can’t stand bloggers who aren’t consistent. So, I’m going to get better – for my mother of course 😉 It’s funny to be compare myself to a blogger, because frankly, I haven’t really considered myself a blogger – but I am. It’s just secondary to being a surface pattern designer. Today is a very personal post, and I openly share the struggles I’ve been dealing with personally lately. I think it’s important to share the struggles as much as the victories when pursuing a dream.

I was planning to wait a bit longer to share this news, but I’m so excited I just can’t contain it anymore- I’m 12 weeks pregnant!!! Pregnancy is fantastic, but WOW, it’s super exhausting creating a baby! Apparently, when you’re pregnant your immune system runs at slow speed, which is a good thing, since it keeps your body from fighting off the baby — a foreigner to your body. The down side to this? I got sick, TWICE! in the last two months…and unable to take any medicine. I’ve barely been sick in the last 4 years.

So, with pregnancy fatigue, being sick twice, and then my mom and sister coming to visit for two weeks- it has been extremely hard to keep up. Oh and I gave up caffeine for the most part, I allow myself one small cup of Dr. Pepper a day….oh how I miss caffeine lol.

I started with ‘A Fresh Bunch’ (AFB) and completed their first assignment; created a wedding invitation, save the date, and thank you note design which turned into my first licensing deal!!! I’m super stoked because last year when I began pursuing surface pattern design seriously, I gave myself the goal of getting my first licensing deal before turning 30 – which is in 11 days! So I just made it! I also got to take part of a rebranding project for a client of AFB’s and have two designs that will be presented to the client which is exciting news too!

Lastly, it would be really amazing to be involved in Surtex, which AFB is considering to do, but we need a few more of our designers to decide to do so. Today was the final day for us all to make the decision if we want to or not- so fingers crossed it happens! If it does, I have A LOT of designing to get done in the next month and a half, so I better learn to deal with this whole pregnancy thing.

I mean, know women get pregnant all the time and carry on with their normal jobs and bare through the fatigue and morning sickness – so I should be able to do the same right? I’ve learned a bit about myself the last few months – as someone who is a self starter, it has been incredibly hard to push myself to work when all I want to do is sleep and this little blessing gives me morning sickness (which isn’t really limited to the morning). I get up and go to my part time job, but my days dedicated to Zeryndipity I have not been as productive as I should be/like to be. So, I’m working on it- getting my mind set again to treat it as I would if I had a boss to answer to. Otherwise, everything I’ve busted my ass building will go away. I’ve finally gotten Zeryndipity going in the direction I want to be going, and I’m going to keep it going, and growing into the career I want.

So, no more excuses, I’m putting it out here to all of you, that I will rise to the occasion and be that motivated, self-starter I displayed last year (and have been my whole life). Here’s to moving forward!!




4 Comments on “Excuses, Excuses

  1. Oh, I am so happy for you! Wishing you all the best! I truly think you are doing the best as you can ! As I can see it, your are on the right path.I would not make a big deal about not writing for your blog every week. I think if you let everyone know your current situation and write 2x or 1x a month for your blog, it is still good. People will understand
    ( just like this post). This way you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

  2. Congratulations! Hope you feel better soon 🙂 When I was pregnant with my baby I barely did any work on my surface design business I was just too sick or too tired! But now I’m finally back working! Best of luck!

    • LOL Good to know I’m not the only one Claudia! It has been tough! And thank you!! We’re very excited for our new little addition 🙂

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