Sorry! I Posted Too Soon! BUT Here’s My Newest Designs!

So earlier I was talking to my mom (who’s in town visiting) about my plans for Zeryndipity and the idea of making video’s to share on my blog that show’s my process was part of this discussion. I was playing with how to post a video and see how it worked and….I accidentally posted it!! So I’m sorry to those you got an email about a new post only to see there was nothing there.

While I’m apologizing though, I thought I would go ahead and share a few things I’ve done lately that didn’t get chosen that I did for different briefs for A Fresh Bunch.

First up, my Christmas collection, “Keeping Spirits Bright”:

Keeping Spirits Bright

This collection may have been chosen but there were issues with santa that they wanted changed, and since he was hand drawn when I tried to fix him digitally, it then wasn’t matching everything else and I really was frustrated with it. Something to learn to overcome, but I was unable to within the deadline – so maybe next time. I really was happy with the scene though for the bag, it makes me smile anyways πŸ™‚

Next up, my attempt at a baby pattern – which didn’t really look baby, but it’s all a learning process.



Lastly, a design for a birthday bag…..this was surprisingly really hard to get inspired to do, maybe why it didn’t get chosen, or it just didn’t fit the brief well enough, BUT I’m trying to push myself because there are definitely times that I will have to design when I’m not feeling inspired. So, here it is:

Birthday Cupcakes


Hope you all enjoy! While none of these designs have been chosen, I have had a wedding collection picked up to be licensed, which includes the save the date, invitation and the thank you notes. You can see and purchase those here:

I also had a design picked up by but it’s not up yet, so I can’t share it just yet with you guys. It’s a painterly floral design that will be available in three different color ways, and I’m not quite sure which products their going to include my design on, but they have a wide range of products from throw pillows, to office stationary and more.

It’s been exciting, but also very challenging and I feel I’m loosing my signature look a bit as I do these different briefs, but I’m working towards being able to always show my style on any brief I do. Which is tough to fit within what that client’s aesthetic is as well!! I’m growing, and that’s what counts πŸ™‚

Speaking of growing, I just found out that I’ll be having a little boy in September! Here’s my “gender announcement” photo shoot my mom did for me (the hubby isn’t in the pic because he had some training he was out of town for):



My husband and I are thrilled to be having a little boy who we plan to name Leo, and I can’t wait to decorate his nursery πŸ˜‰ It has definitely inspired some ideas a boy’s nursery, but it definitely doesn’t fit within what seems to be the norm for nursery decor. I’ve thought about starting a nursery line with a friend of mine, so we’ll see where that leads! That’s all for now!

Until next time,



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