To Re-Brand or Not to Re-Brand…

The keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability. Simon Mainwaring

Maybe it’s no big deal to share this, or maybe it is- but I’m going to anyways. I’ve been working at building my brand Zeryndipity, but as I’ve changed things up this past year, it just doesn’t feel right anymore.

When I first began Zeryndipity I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t have a clear vision. I just had the idea that I would like to design my own decorative pillows – because really I wanted to own my own boutique which just isn’t a possibility for me as long as my husband is in the military (and I’m no where near ready for something like that!..yet!). I had no idea if people would even like what I would offer enough for them to buy my items. I was pleasantly surprised how well people responded to my designs, I even began selling in two boutiques (who found me!) and then I got accepted into a juried art show and had really good sales (which I did two years in a row). I should be thrilled right? Well…I wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I was happy with the success I had, but I didn’t see how what I was doing could develop into a career- where I could do it full time. After  a lot of soul searching I learned I want to be a surface pattern designer and I wanted to get into art licensing. It’s funny because although I studied art in college I never really saw myself as being an artist for a living.

So I decided to move away from hand making things and focus on art licensing. At this point I went back and forth between keeping the name Zeryndipity or going by my name, Eryn J. Carlisle. My thought process was that I had been building the brand Zeryndipity so I didn’t want to throw it out (and I like the name) so I stayed with Zeryndipity and pursued my goal into art licensing.

I got picked up by “A Fresh Bunch” and got my first two licensing deals! While I’m not 100% sure that stationary is really the avenue of art licensing I want to do, it’s still good experience to get my feet wet in the world of art licensing. My passion after all is home decor 🙂

What I’ve realized though over the past 6 months is that I haven’t really known how to approach any of my social media or marketing. Since I’m wanting to do art licensing that means my target market would change – and yet I’m an artist and I love the relationships I’ve built with past customers and all the amazing people who have supported me on my journey. I also realized that although I stayed with the name Zeryndipity, the voice of Zeryndipity was still just me, not one of a studio/boutique.

I miss working with customers, and I want to be myself – which is what I always was anyways as Zeryndipity. So technically I could stay as Zeryndipity and begin making products again, but the products I want to make are for a new baby/kids line (which I’ve thought of a pretty awesome name for). So how do I keep all this clear? How do I not have 3 different brands? I want to pursue art licensing still, but also to develop a kids line – which hopefully will get picked up to be manufactured eventually. I’ll start by hand making, and hiring people to help me with making the products, but I have a vision for where it could go. I feel passionately about this new line and feel it will offer something that’s not currently in the market – or that I’ve seen anyways.

While I have loved building Zeryndipity and all the experience I have gained with it, I feel it may be time to let it go and be just me – Eryn J. Carlisle.

I’ve gone round and round about this, but I feel if I’m just me I can cover every aspect of my art, and maybe my kids line can be “name of soon to be childrens line” by Eryn J. Carlisle and I can keep it all on one website. Have you noticed I’m not announcing the name of this new line I’m developing? Anticipation people 😉 Plus I haven’t made any firm decisions about any of it. This is a huge decision for me and I want to make the right decision. I wanted to share my brand mood board I created for Zeryndipity  – just because 🙂

Zeryndipity Brand Mood Board

Zeryndipity Brand Mood Board

So that’s where I’m at – there’s most likely some changes to be coming soon!

Creatively Yours,




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