Abstract Style Development

I’ve been painting and drawing a lot lately – working at refining my artistic style (now that I know what I WANT it to be). It’s interesting to think of art that way. Many would think that whatever we naturally create would be what our style is, and that’s true to some degree. However, I kept feeling that a lot of my work was versions of my style and not necessarily something that I would put in my home or on accessories I would carry – so why would very many people want my items/art if I didn’t love what I was creating?

As I’ve stated before, I took Smart Creative Style last fall and I began making big strides in creating art and patterns that I finally felt were my style. However, I began working on briefs for A Fresh Bunch for art licensing and at the same time I got pregnant. The combo was enough to….make me feel like I took a step backwards.

On one hand gaining experience with A Fresh Bunch was awesome, on the other hand, it made it very difficult for me to focus on developing my signature style. It’s not that I didn’t have enough time outside of the  design briefs that I could have continued working on my own style – there was still time outside of my part time marketing job too, but combined with being pregnant, well let’s just say I felt ridiculously tired ALL THE TIME.

So after feeling like a slacker for a while, I have finally gotten inspired again (at 28 weeks pregnant). My mom came to stay with me while my husband has been out of town for training and she has been learning to watercolor paint – painting several images a day. So, I started painting when she was painting and got to try out some of her new inktense pencils by Derwent and I’M IN LOVE! It’s like mixing prisma colored pencils, watercolor pencils and a bit like acrylic paint (being able to achieve some of the same effects). It combines all my favorite parts of each of those mediums I guess I should say.

Anyways, here are a few paintings I’ve done. I started with copying (as close to exact replica’s as I could create) pieces by Lital Gold and Yellena James – two artists who I highly admire. When I took “The Sellable Sketch” by Pattern Observer one of the exercises was replicating work by an artist we admire to learn to see what it is we like about their art.

Lital Gold ReplicaYellena James ReplicaSo after completing these two replica’s I finally decided to take on a new piece of my own. While I really like how it turned out, I will say that it’s a bit…..intense for the color palettes I’m typically drawn too – must be from the love of the vibrant color I’m able to achieve with the inktense pencils! So, without further a do here it is:

Rain Dance by Eryn J. Carlisle

I think for my next piece I will try to do a little bit more of a softer palette, but I still really like how this turned out. I’m looking forward to seeing where this all leads! Oh, and incase you were wondering, this piece was inspired by an image of a native american dancer wearing a traditional feather costume. I’ve named it “Rain Dance”.

Hope you enjoy!

Until next time,





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