Why, I do still work…slowly!

Well hello stranger! I know that’s what you guys are thinking 😉 My art and design has taken a back seat lately to my number 1 priority – my baby boy, Leo Hudson 🙂 He’s was born Sept. 18th, but has pulled my attention away since January. I was considered a high risk pregnancy due to a miscarriage in the past and he gave me several other scares as well along the way, but we finally made it and I’m so incredibly in love.

Since Leo came along I’ve managed to complete one freelance logo design and I’ve done a small amount of sketching and painting, but I’m realizing what a time suck this little fellow is! We’re still working at establishing a routine, so it’s hard to really sit down and work at this time, but I try to slip it in when I can. Having Leo here also has made me evaluate where I want my business to go. There are some things that I had planned on doing that just don’t seem feasible at this point in time – maybe later down the road.

So I’m adjusting to my new reality and working on a new game plan for 2015. There are plenty of successful stay at home moms and I fully intend to be one of them!

For now I thought I would share a few photos of my sweet boy  🙂



The photos were taken by my sister, Amy Frost, owner of Frostbot Creative. You can see my hair has grown too, guess it’s time for a new bio pic soon!

Life is a journey, and my business has been no different. I’m excited about some of the ideas I have and look forward to growing Zeryndipity in 2015! I will be exclusively working on Zeryndipity and being a mom 🙂

I feel so incredibly blessed and thankful for the life I get to live, even if my business isn’t where I want it to be yet. With Thanksgiving just around the corner I hope you all take a moment to count all the blessings in your life. Thank you for caring enough to read this post and for your support on my journey! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Until next time…






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