Hi! I’m Eryn J. Carlisle, owner and senior designer of Zeryndipity. If you haven’t been to my website yet, please visit to learn more about my studio and to connect on social networks!

I love to see people succeed, therefore, anytime I come across something I find beneficial, you bet ya I’ll share it with you all! I’ll only share things that I’ve used, because otherwise it’s not an honest recommendation right? I will however, still provide a list of things I’m looking into that I THINK seem like they would be helpful. Don’t worry I’ll make sure I’m clear about which is which. Hope you find these resources as helpful as I did!

  • Are you a dreamer who has so many interests you’re unsure what to do as a career and what’s just a hobby? I was at a point where I just couldn’t seem to determine where I should turn next. I found the crash course by Monica Lee: “Smart Creative Dreaming, A Guide for the Practical Dreamer”  life changing! Clarity is the first step to accomplishing your dreams, and the way you see yourself, Monica offers fantastic guidance in this crash course to help you clarify what your dream truly is.
  • Maybe you’ve learned you would love to be a surface pattern designer, as I discovered, then you might be interested in “The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design” e-course. I’ve only taken Module 2, which is about creating your professional identity, and Module 3, which is about monetising your designs. I probably should haven taken Module 1 too, but financially I wasn’t sure if I could swing all three courses, and the first one seemed to cover a lot of things I learned in my college design classes and what I had been self teaching myself (I have a book to list for that too), so I started with Module 2 and was blown away by how much content was covered that I decided to complete Module 3 also. I highly recommend it if you yearn to be a professional surface pattern designer.
  • The book I just mentioned that I used to self teach myself how to make patterns: “A Field Guide to Fabric Design“. I haven’t completed the ENTIRE book, but I’ve used what I found the most helpful to me.


  • Smart Creative Style” by Monica Lee. Boy oh boy am I super excited to tell you about this one! When I first heard about it I literally had been praying for some direction because I have been struggling to truly identify/encompass my WHOLE aesthetic – and then I saw the first video about this upcoming course! I had to look up and say a little thank you! I felt that my current work was “versions” of myself which is great, but I was missing something. I love to paint and my paintings look very different from the designs that I create for surface pattern design. I also feel pulled in many directions when trying to decide on my brand aesthetic. This course has helped guide me to discover my unique, signature style; discover my brand to its fullest, including the voice of my brand! I still have a lot of implementing to do, but I HIGHLY recommend it! Here’s a brief description of what to expect:

“You will get to explore your  own story using color texture and imagery.  You will develop unique offerings that will set you apart and enable you to deliver a distinguished brand to create a loyal following.”

Resources I’m in the process of using that seem promising:

More Valuable Resources:


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