Pattern Journey


I think many of us struggle with this. We look at Pinterest and see homes on HGTV, ooo’ing and ah’ing over all the beautiful rooms, but then we go shopping for our own home and it seems it just doesn’t come together quite right. I mean, most of us aren’t interior decorators (even if we have a secret wish to be one!) We do however want our house to look like an… Read More

Photo of Amy Butler’s booth at a Tradeshow Seven months ago I listed my first item for sale on and have been pleasantly surprised at the progress of my little online shop. Life has definitely been a learning process to get to where I am today, and I still have a lot of learning and growing yet to accomplish, but I’m so grateful to be on this current path. I started with… Read More

Once again, I’m attempting to begin blogging. I thought I would start with a short shout out to I absolutely love this site. It provides such an easy way to keep my inspirations in one location, and allows people to see what draws me as a designer. They can even follow my inspiration boards if they desire. It also allows me to follow other boards that continually inspire me. Love