Pattern Journey


“For discovering one’s true inner nature, I think one should try to take out some time, with quiet and relaxation, to think more inwardly and to investigate the inner world. That may help.” Dalai Lama So it’s no secret that the last two months I’ve been working at discovering my unique signature style. I’ve been quieter with my blogging and social media, and for a bit I felt a little guilty about… Read More

‘Avant Garde’ SS/13 trend circulates around the ideas of avant-garde art and the contrasting elements between surrealism, art deco and fluxus. This cultural trend has a key reference to prints reflecting this distinctive art movement together with chic uniform inspired silhouettes with androgynous twists representing the essence of travel and glamour clashed with a rebellious undertone. –MPDClick, Trend Journal Continuing with my theme this week of learning about trends, I’m realizing just… Read More